[Released] Photon Blox (plyGame Multiplayer)

(Jamie pearce) #141

Go to the object tab and use create(instatiate)
That works like the create item but for all objects in project

(Hjupter Cerrud) #142

@Andrei that blox was deprecated/removed since is no longer needed, you can use the Create Item blox from the Items section of plygame

@Fourth I have not yet found a solution for this without having to modify the plyGame source

@Gunhi If do you mean that Unity runs slow when you open up plyBlox I have seen this when you edit a prefab on the project panel what I do to avoid this is I just edit the blox from the prefab on the hierarchy panel.

(DarkDeivel) #143

I do not understand how to create and synchronize loot(one item HP potion) it, if one player is picked to remove the object from all players. It can be an example?

(Jamie pearce) #144

When i pick up the loot t doesn’t destroy over the network so everyone connected eould get a copy of the item im just dropping items locally and it works great

(DarkDeivel) #145

Please help me!

I add component "Photon Equipment Slot’ in my Player. If i equip item(example: “Sword”) so good, in all player good synchronisation, but i UnEquip non sync… How to fix this problem? Thank you!

(Gunhi) #146

@Gunhi If do you mean that Unity runs slow when you open up plyBlox I have seen this when you edit a prefab on the project panel what I do to avoid this is I just edit the blox from the prefab on the hierarchy panel.

thanks for quick trick. it works!
Do you have any plan for Anti-Hacking Toolkit integration?

(DarkDeivel) #147

I’m using Top Down Chracter Controller, but not the Top Down navmesh, because that is “Top Down Character Controller” allows the use of WASD control, synchronization of the player’s position is very bad, can it somehow fix it? For a good synchronization I had to use a standard photon сomponent “Photon Transform View”, then synchronization is excellent, but in this case does not work animation, would love to solve.

P.S. The question of the equipment synchronization is also open

(Jamie pearce) #148

maybe change the observe option on the photon view script to reliable instead of unreliable on change…
note that you will always be getting player position even if you haven’t moved witch can cause strain on the server with a large number of connections

if this does not help it has to do with the way hjupter coded the photon view script

(DarkDeivel) #149

No, it did not help :frowning: sometimes the characters are well synchronized, but the remote character often on the screen itself can escape anywhere, when another player, he stands on the site

(Jamie pearce) #150

i think i get the same thing you get i can move up to my character and stop but sometimes the character that represents me on other clients continues to walk until i move to a new position then it walks and stops and is sync’d

(DarkDeivel) #151

Yes! I too have this problem! If more than two players playing time at all on the screen there is a nightmare, one player can run away (not according to the will of the player) and cause a lot of monsters and complete desynchronization begins. How to solve the synchronization of this problem I wrote above, use components Photon Transform View, but then there is the animation of the characters. An urgent need to update the plugin from Hjupter.

(Jamie pearce) #152

i see well i will let hjupter fix it

(DarkDeivel) #153

There is another problem, I synced skills as proposed above Hjupter and they work, but sometimes the remote player (if it is not the master client) can use a skill (example: Energy Ball), but skill can sometimes not work \ create Projectile Prefab, 2 of 3 shots Energy Ball obtained empty, but one normally works synchronously.

(Hjupter Cerrud) #154

Hey I recently found that issue with Skills and I have a fix for it, Ive made a lot of minor improvements here and there so I have planned to make an update soon, maybe Ill send the updated package to you guys first.

For items you need to attach a PhotonObject component so they can be synch through the network.

(Gunhi) #155

Cool, waiting for the Update! When will you have it?

(DarkDeivel) #156

Hjupter hi! Tell me please, how can I change the status of the quest to accepted all the players are on the scene? Here is the block changes status quest only one local player, but me need all player.

(Jamie pearce) #157

diaQ is supposed to be done via the client side not server side so do it as your are supposed to with plygame

there should be a way to give all players in the server the same quest but i was told its better doing it client side

you will notice the quests dont save hjupter is working on that as we speak

(DarkDeivel) #158

There is one problem, and I do not know how to solve it. If any player leaves the room, then the game becomes available, it is impossible to attack the monster, you can not equip the item, how to solve it?

(Jamie pearce) #159

What do you mean by this

If any player leaves the room, then the game becomes available ?

Attacking the mo ster works the same as on plygame only difference is the character will send it to its self over network.

Do you have your equip slots setup are you using the photon equipslots script on the player character

I could help just need to know how you are doing things

(Jamie pearce) #160

You could always make a seperate master quest blox that will give all players the quest when its called
You would just need to call it on all active clients in the same server

You can also do time triggerd events witch will trigger for all logged on players