[Released] Photon Blox (plyGame Multiplayer)

(DarkDeivel) #161

When waiting for a new version? The problem with skill’s remains open, my archer shoots only every second time

(Gunhi) #162

Do you have any plan for uNET integration?

(Hjupter Cerrud) #163

im still looking for an elegant solution for this but I workaround for this right now is increase the photon send rate

(Hjupter Cerrud) #164

Well youar like 2nd or 3th person who ask me for this… Depending on how people would be interested on this I would do it

(Gunhi) #166

Have you tried the latest demo? It stacked at Login Success then do nothing.
I tested on Unity 5.4f3

(Hjupter Cerrud) #167

I’m aware of this, Im taking a look at it Ill push a fix next week. Thanks

(Jamie pearce) #168

I just show the lobby when we successfully connect is a good temp fix

(DarkDeivel) #169

Increase send rate in crowd manager doesn’t help in solved my problem :frowning: this only increase lag in game.

How realise party system in game?

(Hjupter Cerrud) #171

Not in crowd manager use the photon network set send rate block

(DarkDeivel) #172

How this use?

(DarkDeivel) #173

How to update new version? I add new version in my project and now began continuous errors

if i delete this script

(Hjupter Cerrud) #174

I forgot to delete that script that is a block for game analytics plugin. The other error you are getting its because you have an old version of Photon Unity Networking

(DarkDeivel) #175

It helped, but an archer shoots still triggered every 2-3 times, something you need to configure / change?

Need to activate the Crowd Manager opponents?

(Hjupter Cerrud) #176

For now try increasing the send rate

(Hjupter Cerrud) #177

I’m currently trying to improve the skill sync for the next update

(DarkDeivel) #178

My game : Esoteric Online [plyGame + photonBlox + mySQL]

Using plyGame + photon blox

(Hjupter Cerrud) #179


(DarkDeivel) #180

This plugin is dead?

(Hjupter Cerrud) #181

Its not death Im still working on it

(Hjupter Cerrud) #182

Price reduced to $25 and small update:


  • Unity 5.5 support
  • Photon Unity Networking 1.7.9 support
  • Fixed a minor issue on the Room List example
  • Minor PhotonCharacter fixes
  • Removed BrainCloud blox, it will be in the Asset Store soon as a separate asset.