Resize squares to rectangles?

(Richard Irvine) #1

Hi Leslie,

I have a rectangular field, and I basically want to place a grid onto it by specifying the dimensions of the field & how many squares I want to occupy it with.

Is that possible without much effort from yourself to post code?

I bought this months ago, then figured it best I map the co-ordinates myself and draw in-game… now I’m toying with a map overlay… but only if it’s easy to describe on your part… otherwise I carry on as I am.



(Leslie Young) #2

I did not rally understand the question. Are you trying to do units that spam more than one grid space? If so then you simply update the occupied nodes with the one unit and the unit itself would have a list rather than single node reference to keep track of all the nodes it is on (talking about the samples showing node link/ unlink with unit).

(Richard Irvine) #3

No I simply mean I need each individual unit to be 3 x 2 rather than square.

The other rant was that I had another asset that let me specify my entire plane dimensions with how many units I wanted to place in them (length x breadth) & it auto-generated them to fit.

(Richard Irvine) #4


Don’t worry about this, I’m just going to reuse some of the code & not the actual grid.

Thanks for looking.