[Resolved] Issues with setting variables

(Gloomy Dawn) #1

Hello again.
I am having a problem with setting up a variable entry for my player character. I know there is a video tutorial for this, and I have followed it exactly, with this as the final product in my script for the name entry.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using VinomaEngine;

public class NameEntry : MonoBehaviour
public InputField nameField;

public void SetName()
    string name = nameField.text;
    VinomaSceneController.Instance.PerformOperationOnVariable("PlayerName", name, VinomaVarOperation.Set);


However, it gives me an error on PerformOptionOnVariable .
What should I do?

(Gloomy Dawn) #2

I found the answer by scrolling through older forum posts, never mind.