Rise of the Lich Lord (Hack and Slash RPG WIP)

(Colin) #1

I thought that it might be time to give you a look at what I am working on at the moment.

Here is a video of the Character Selection scene, Intro and Main Zone.

There are two videos that I have (a title screen and intro movie) that I will be putting in, but that is going to have to wait until I get the pro version of Unity.

At this point in time the main zone has been built using terrain composer and is 3X3 terrain tiles in size. I have another 15 odd outdoor scenes, 4 cave systems, 3 single level dungeons and 3 multi level dungeons done.

I am currently creating all the prefabs for the weapons/armour. The NPC’s and Enemies models have been selected but not set up yet. I have most of the quests written down on paper but not set up in DiaQ (this is going to take a long time as there are quite a few quests in it)

I would like to see you comments of what you have seen in the video, so I can improve on it.

(ozziedave) #2

Hi Colin, A very nice all-round Game concept. It shows what can be done with plyGame.
Could you tell me if you programmed most of it in C# or did you use all Blox ?.

The Video was blurred, have you tried Mirrilus action_1_19_2 to record video screens
It’s great and only $20.

(Colin) #3

It is nearly all done in Blox. There are a few C# scripts, namely the ones to be able to drag the character/inventory/quest elements about, and for KGFMapsystem

(Matthew) #4

What prefabs are you using for the character models?

(Marshall Heffernan) #5


(Joe) #6

Great work so far. It’s great when you reach a point of progress that make all those lost hours start to be justifiable.

(Marshall Heffernan) #7

I’ll get there some day.

(Joe) #8

ME too, Sir.