(Wallace Maass) #1


Got something cooking with MapNav2. I love the system. I’m very new to hex map stuff and this has helped me a lot. Wip image below. With my project my maps are random. I use noise to generate something that I can use to define node textures, where to place trees etc. Works well. Now I am looking to add some more detail to my maps like rivers. One idea I suppose would be to start on a node a that is on the edge and “walk” it with random distances and directions and place the appropriate texture until I reach other edge. Does anyone have another suggestion on where I can start with creating a river on my maps?

(Leslie Young) #2

Looks pretty cool. Like how you managed to generate the map.

For the rive you can choose an edge node and a node near the centre maybe, or wherever really.
Use the Path function to get a list of nodes between the start and end node and walk that list to change the texture and perhaps a property of the node to indicate it is water. You might even choose a node near the middle, get its neighbours 2 or 3 tiles out and then generate and combine two paths to and from that “middle” node to make for a more bendy river.

(Wallace Maass) #3

Thanks! Pretty simple to do really with your input. Here is a basic test that forms a lake and part of a river that branches off. I will want to perhaps use texture river segments for each hex, but the basics is great for now.

. Lots of ways to tweak it based on your system, I love it.