Rotated Tiles


Hey again! I am hoping you can lend me some ideas on how to rotate tiles. I want to make a custom level with roofs and diagonal nodes, like a ramp.

Here is a pic of what I mean, the node doesn’t change to the rotation of the collider/tile object.

Any tip how I can get the rotation of the node to change as I am building a custom level? I am not sure where in the code to do it. Thank you!!!

(Leslie Young) #2

The MapNav nodes can not be rotated. They would simply appear higher or lower on the ramp. Have a look at the scene with a Unity Terrain in it to see what I mean. There you will see how the nodes “intersect” the terrain since they do not align to the normal direction of a specific point.

Your art can of course include things like ramps. It does not really matter that the node intersects, as long as it is on top of the ramp at its pivot to give the correct Y offset at that location. Any movement code you implement should be able to navigate to the node and still push the character up/ down as needed when travelling over a hill or ramp.


Awesome thank you!