RPG module UI

(Leslie Young) #1

This is just a heads-up that I am developing a Default in-game (HUD) interface for the plyGame RPG module. It will be included free.

I am creating this with Unity’s new GUI system and it will be source scripts directly in your project folder, not in a DLL, so that you may easily modify it to your needs. I hope that this will serve as a better example of how to do custom GUIs than doing guides on this kind of system. It is all done a scripts and not Blocks since events (Blocks) for user interfaces can get quite complicated.

There will be Blocks related to this interface and of course Blocks for the Unity GUI system.

(Ryan) #2

awesome idea.
will this be out shortly or in a while?

(Leslie Young) #3

work in progress …

(Der_Kevin) #4

Really Cool!
I kinda have a pretty general Question: so my game (made with plyGame of course) is using a lot of NGUI stuff which is not exactly tied to plygame itself. I think the only PlyGame Interface stuff Iam using at the moment is the now loading Screen at the beginning. But do you know if there is any Convert NGUI to UnityGUI guide or even tool?

(Jason Burch) #5

Awesome Leslie.
Great work as usual, can’t wait to start modding this to my game.

(Matt Huston) #6

Great, glad it is included as source scripts and not a DLL as I just feel the DLL is just an extra step that slows down my development a bit.

(William) #7

Looks awesome, glad its using the new UI cant wait to get this in my game. With your system will there be drag and drop function from bag to character?

(ozziedave) #8

Really exciting this is my missing link , I hope you will also show how we
use Blox to interface with our variables and Items in the RPG UI.

(Leslie Young) #9

@Der_Kevin You could continue to use NGUI and use the sample to see how I did stuff in code.

@matthuston Yes, the idea is that you should be able to mod this to your own needs. The core scripts like Blox and plyGame are DLLs since you are not suppose to mod them - perhaps only derive new classes or new controllers where needed.

@Darrkbeast Not drag and drop. As you see from the bottom panel in the bag, there are buttons. I’m new too uGUI too and do not want to waste time researching things while I could have released this already. Those who want more advanced UI interaction will mod it to their own needs.

(Der_Kevin) #10

Thats cool :slight_smile: maybe someone wants to team up and convert the Module to NGUI when its released?

(William) #11

Makes since, the sooner the better. I’m just glad your doing the inventory plug in, like ozzie its the last piece of the puzzle for me.

(William) #12

So looking at your picture above leslie you set up the inventory to show use or drop, and I assume if its equipable it will give you that option instead. I’m going to use a crafting system for my game, im sure its possible but just to check, I could make a button that populates beside the use button that says craft/combine and when clicked make that item move to a separate container where I then craft it. Now that being said is it possible to have more than one bag on the player, or maybe a container?

(Patrik Gyltefors) #13

Great, this is perfect for the prototyping stage of the game development. Will it include a main and load save menu as well?

(Leslie Young) #14

@Darrkbeast Use changes to Equip when you click an equip-able. You can add more than one ItemBag component to the character but need to be careful about which is accessed. The UI code for example simply uses GetComponent<> to get a reference to it and that would grab the first one.

(William) #15

Sounds good, so potentially I could create separate empty object that holds a separate bag, the crafting bag which I could call on with some extra code. More or less I figured it was doable, just wanted to confirm first. Thanks for responding.

(Johnathan Mack) #16

is there a how to on using this feature? I see the UI prefabs and such included with the download I got, but I’m extremely green with using unity.

(Luka Andric) #17

U need first learn Unity it self then move on to other level the RPG module is in leslies plygame u shell find it in the folders

(Marshall Heffernan) #18


What kind of how-to are you looking for?

(Suphavanh) #19

Here is my Crafting and Cooking screen… just a simple one.

(Johnathan Mack) #20

sorry, guess I should be a bit more specific. I understand how to set up the interface, like the boxes and such, but not really sure how to get the player HP to lock to me, and target hp, to change when I target, the interaction stuff. It’s easy just to have plybox load in the custom ui that comes with plygame, but its another thing to know how it actually works, like I have to almost be 5 feet away from a target before clicking on it actually brings up its HP on my screen.