RPG module UI

(Marshall Heffernan) #21

What do you mean, you want the bar to float over your head? or…

The bar, by default, should display your consumable value health.

To clear the target bar, you can press escape, or click on the ground, if I remember correctly.

Are you trying to give health bars to “interaction stuff” like boxes, doors, etc.?

Please give a few more examples, I’m sure I can help you out.

  1. Maybe your target (are these NPCs? enemies?) have too small of collision boxes, for your mouse to click on, from a great distance?

  2. Maybe your Player’s select angle is not 360, or maybe the distance is set too low?

(Luka Andric) #22

Cool nice done work back there can u show us how u add such of things without mess up the leslies script

(Johnathan Mack) #23

OH YEA!!! thank you so much, it was set to like 5 and 60, no wonder I couldn’t get anything to highlight!!! TY TY TY

(Suphavanh) #24

I will make tutorial later… the healthbar was done via script… I modified RPG_UI script to make the craft work. I would like to have everything done via blox but I am still new to blox which will take a while to get used to.

(Luka Andric) #25

So we cant use addons on UI without scripting it ?

(Marshall Heffernan) #26

@Luka tell me exactly what you want to do, and I will tell you how to do it.

(Suphavanh) #27

These can be done via blox which I think itsmars can help you with that, since I am not yet familiar with blox.

(Luka Andric) #28

Nah just asking nothing special but if i get something in to it i let u know :wink:


Ive made some changes to the script successfully. Just make sure not to delete variables without knowing what youre changing

(Der_Kevin) #30

has anybody experience with animating the ui sample?
I am somehow pretty curious to know how i could “fly” in and out a ui panel

This tutorial is great: