Rpg UI and player saving

(jm) #1

is it possible that when you save the game the rpg_ui scene also save?

(Francois) #2

If you are talking about your actionbar and all that then yes it saves as expected.

(jm) #3

i’m not talking about the action bars.

i have my rpg_ui scene and it contains a bunch of disabled objects which is my in game tutorials.

now, if i play the game and finish all the tutorials and save the game, and play it again. my player and rpg ui loads but the rpg ui reset. what i mean is, my tutorials started all over again.

sorry for my bad english

(Francois) #4

Ah ok cool, I get you. Try adding a persistable object to your “objects”

(jm) #5

do i need to put that on my RPG_UI canvas?

(Francois) #6

As far as I know you need to add it to your game objects.

(jm) #7

Alright ill try it. Another question is it right to put Load UI in my restore game block?

(jm) #8

I keep on having problems with my save and load.

(Blagoj) #9

add don’t destroy on load on every object that you want to perssist… Also you can make them parent objects of Empty Object and use DDOLoad just on that object.

(jm) #10

my rpg ui canvas has dont destroy on load. when i click the play button at the very first time my bag button is disabled because of the tutorial, now when the tutorial is triggered the bag button will be enable. now if i save the game and load it, my bag button returns to disabled.

i want it to be enabled. how?

(Leslie Young) #11

You could create a Global Variable (a number/Integer) to track how far the player is into the tutorial. Use Blox to update this variable and with “IF” Blocks you can decide which of your tutorial panels should be visible. Every time a panel is done you can increase the value of the Global Variable by one for example.

You could use a Blox on the RPG UI’s main object and in a Start event call some common event which switches on the correct tutorial panel. Each time the player presses a button on the tutorial panel you simply make a call to some Blox event to update the global variable and call this common event again to hide the active panel and show the next.