RPGUI Quest/status editing

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Hi again !

I searched quite a lot before, but couldn’t solve few things myself !

I am using the sample RPGUI, which I thinkis great as a base ! And of course, I changed the visual switching elements in the RPGUI scene.
But there is a little problem for a non-coder like myself, there are some elements that doesn’t seem to be in the scene as editable, but generated by code. Especially Quest name button, and status attributes.

Is there a way to change their position and font etc easily like in the RPGUI scene ? Did I miss something maybe ?

One more thing, how does these UI update themselves ? I noticed that when I equip an item with BAG and STATUS both open, it’s icon moves to the equipment slot(which is intantly updated) but the attribute added(attack +1 for exemple)
is visible only if I close and re-open the status UI. most of elements are not updating their infos realtime.

Thanks a lot !

(Marshall Heffernan) #2

The attribute GameObject is a prefab called “AttributeNfo”.
It gets instantiated when you play (it’s not present in the RPG_UI). Its location is…

You can find where all of the prefabs for the Canvas are, by checking the RPG_UI script (component) on the RPG_UI GameObject (canvas).


You can find the location of the prefab by left clicking it (in the above picture).

To modify what the attributes will look like, go to the RPG_UI scene, and drop in the prefab, to…


Then you can change what it looks like, save the prefab then delete or disable it (don’t leave it active in the hierarchy).

Or you can just make your own STATS / ATTRIBUTES display, like I did.

I didn’t do a video on the character screen, but I did do quite a few videos on my Youtube Channel that show how to link text to attributes.

The RPG_UI wasn’t coded to update in real time. As you’ve found out, it refreshes when closed, then re-opened.

This is untested, but something as simple as this would probably work (event on the player):


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Hi itsmars !

1 - Thank you so much, I actually couldn’t see the hash at all ! But I could get into the Nfo fab and modify :smiley:

2 - That method curiously didn’t work (I still had to close and open) But nevermind it’s not a big deal !