Save/Load game wrong position

(Eirik) #1


I’ve been using Unirpg for a while now, but somehow the Save/Load game function is acting weird.

When I save a game, then go back to main menu to load the game, the game loads fine but the character is not in the position I saved the game. The character is back to where New game spawn is, but a bit off so its not exactly where new game spawn is.

Also, no matter where I save the game, its always the same position when loading game.


(Idcrisis Arito) #2

Hey! I haven’t used uniRPG but if it’s anything like plygame. Clear your saved data.
UniRPG -> Main -> Loading & Saving -> Delete all Saves.

(Eirik) #3

Thank you for replying.

I’ve tried that already, also tried to clear AppData and project temp folder. No luck. A work around I made a serialization script to update the XYZ. Its working now

(Idcrisis Arito) #4

You could use the loadsave.prefab and call that in blox to set the xyz :slight_smile:

(Eirik) #5

Just made a custom LoadSave system. With a bit more features :slight_smile: thanks tho