Scene loading outside Vinoma issue

(Cody) #1

I was wondering if Vinoma causes some issues or conflicts with the Scene Manager. I had some problems loading another scene in my game that wasn’t in the vinoma scene. It just won’t load the new scene.

Also, I was wondering if it was possible to move in and out of vinoma for some gameplay. Seems kinda harsh to have everything in one scene. My game is more like a SIM with visual novel conversations. So moving in and out of vinoma would be very cool.

On another note, I read that Vinoma is tool “heavy” it be also cool if you could just add the basics as an asset on the store as a Visual Novel dialog manager for other games that are not strictly visual novel, that are a mix. I see other dialog assets in the store, but not nealy as neat, pretty nor easy as Vinoma. Just a thought. :slight_smile:

(Leslie Young) #2

You will have to turn off the Vinoma scene handling. It was not really made with this in mind and I have not tested this area heavily but a few people seem to have succeeded in using it this way.

By default Vinoma handles the game start-up so you will want to turn that off. In Window > Vinoma > Settings you will see options Manager Build Settings. Turn that off so that you can set any of your game scenes as the 1st to load. Now you can load the Vinoma Unity scene whenever you are ready to show it - or maybe disabled and enable the Vinoma related GameObjects as needed.

tool “heavy"

Ye, I tend to focus more on the complete systems than APIs/frameworks.
When BGS is done it might be more friendly towards what you explain. It has the concept of creating FlowGraphs which can trigger Dialogues to come up but not specifically bound to any game genre like for example a VN.