Scene With Label

(xcygame) #1

Hello handsome administrator! Through your guidance, successfully realized the “Change Scene”. Now I want to know on the basis of this, how to add a “Label”?

But I don’t know how to increase“Label”

thank you!:blush::blush:

(Leslie Young) #2

Unity’s event system does not support more than one field. So you can not do what is shown in your second image.

But you can send more than one command in the event. So maybe try changing to the scene and then to the label in that scene after.

If there are not many of the scene/label changes then simply make functions for each of those. It might be safer. Vinoma expects that you set the scene and label at same time. So I do not think calling the scene and then the label will be good, though I will show it. The problem is that the 1st action in the scene might execute before the change to the label. But test it, maybe it works.

public class MyFunctions : MonoBehaviour
	public void GotoScene2Label3()
		VinomaSceneController.Instance.Goto(VinomaGotoOption.Scene, "scene2", "label3");

   // or

	public void GotoScene(string sceneName)
		VinomaSceneController.Instance.Goto(VinomaGotoOption.Scene, sceneName, null);

	public void GotoLabel(string labelName)
		VinomaSceneController.Instance.Goto(VinomaGotoOption.Label, null, labelName);


(xcygame) #3

Hello handsome administrator! You to provide solutions, to run is very perfect! Thank you very much!