Show us your work area

(Joe) #1

Who doesn’t like to show off their little slice of heaven or sanctuary if you will?
I’ve seen this done before at other sites so I’ll start :smirk:

(Gunhi) #2

MINE :smiley:

(Joe) #3

Are you sponsored by Apple? :innocent:

(Gunhi) #4

Are you sponsored by Microsoft :smiley:

(Joe) #5

If they wanted to invest in me, they could cause I’m dirt cheap.

(Gunhi) #6

:smiley: This topic is really relaxing for a long long time of coding and (do) gaming :hankey:

(RaiuLyn) #7

Surprising to see a fellow Qantm peer in this forum. Your work area also made me remember how I hate using Mac during my time there. :unamused:

(Gunhi) #8

I Studied in QANTM O_O did you?

and yes, All of MACs in there were using Windows. Terrible Y_Y

(RaiuLyn) #9

Just graduated from Qantm recently. A ride with lots of bumps on the road but it still was fun while it lasted.

Those Macs with Windows are pretty much the bane of my existence. I dreaded the day I’ll be in a work area like yours. Though I plan to get a Macbook for business purposes one day.

(Leslie Young) #10

I like to keep it uncluttered.

(Terry Morgan) #11

I like to keep it uncluttered.
Me, too ;–]

I clamp that board to the chair arms, ergonomic

(Ryan) #12

Iphone picture but…

(Joe) #13

Is that a picture of your betrothed? :heart_eyes:

(Ryan) #14

Sure is. :wink:

(Joe) #15

LOL, sweet.

(Artie) #16

my rig ^^ that 3:4 monitor needa go one day lol

(Ryan) #17

not too familiar with drawing tablets but that sure as hell looks nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Artie) #18

Thx ^^ yhea totally a nessesity for 2d and zbrush models works. my ipad is also a drawing tablet too. Has an awsome app that substitude photoshop on the go called procreate Lol

(Gunhi) #19

How much time did you take to clear the table before post :smiley:

(RaiuLyn) #20

@artie That tablet looks like my usual Intuos5 M tablet. Unless you’ve gone with the L size.

@Gunhi Leslie has a cup of caffeine at his side so not very long, I reckon.

It’s not much but then again, it’s to serve as my temporary space for the time being. The place is supposed to be the Art space with all the art stuff like artbooks and all. lol. and I just moved my art shelf with figures and sketches to the dining room too.