Show your Creations and Art

(Luka Andric) #1

Ok lets have a look

All made in Zbrush i keep learning but i am little busy with my game and trying to catch everything :slight_smile: i call it MULTITASKING :smiley:

(Joe) #2

I purchased the new Modo 801 Indie Edition on Steam and am finally getting comfortable with the tools and workflow. I think I might post this game ready model here when I am done.

(Ryan) #3

Looks good Joe.

(Max Uguccioni) #4

I’m not so good… but I’m trying :blush:

this is at a very early stage :blush:

(Ryan) #5

Thats not bad at all man, keep it up.

(Max Uguccioni) #6

Light in Unity free sux a lot :unamused:

And think that, on the fountain screenshot I’m using 2 light at 40° and opposed, one is yellow/orange and the oter is light blue, which is used to light the ambient.

(Luka Andric) #7

Awesome work everyone :smiley:

(Luka Andric) #8

Working on my new character sens i use from asset store

(Ryan) #9

Here’s my latest character model.
Actually my first full process model (went through stages such as sculpting, retopologizing, texturing, rigging, animating), and has only 2394 verts so it is rather low poly and very game friendly.
Consist of two diffuse maps, one for clothes/skull helmet, and another for all of the skin… both 1024x1024.

And here is a video showing some of the animations and the character in a real game environment;

I followed this totally rad tutorial series by Johnathon Williamson, to learn some techniques and the process… so now it’s time to craft some completely original characters.

(Luka Andric) #10

Nice terrain bro :smiley:
I still on pause for modeling and paint because i waiting for pen tablet ahh man cant wait :frowning:

Question How did u made character camera not to tilt back to hes position on 3tr camera

(Joe) #11

One of the things I’ve been working on over the weekend. Started in Sculptris then continued in Blender then bounced back and forth between programs arriving at this stage. Actually is a pretty smooth workflow and leverages the power of both programs. Surprisingly Sculptris is great with a mouse and I almost prefer it for everything but very precise creasing. I am going to finish this with a PBR setup rendered in Unity with the LUX Shader asset. LUX is amazing and free if you haven’t tried it yet. It works in gamma lighting and looks better than Unity Free Vanilla.

(Luka Andric) #12

(Joe) #13

Blender cookie probably has some of the best modeling courses out there. I am a junkie when it comes to searchin for new tutorials.

(Joe) #14

That’s got a nice Darksiders 2 vibe.

(Luka Andric) #15

Tnx :slight_smile: its just starter modeling i waiting for tablet u working on 3dsmax loong time

(Stephen Follett) #16

Modeled in blender - Art style used by PigArt i cooperated it into this style. Its not the official character but its the bases to it. (armature will be passed over to the next model once i finish it…been awhile since i posted anything here…

Currently has:

  • 22 bones 8 IK bones with completed animations Working on the Mecanim Controller but so far its just basic Legacy. (still adding animations but unity 4 & 5 seem to only show 14 of them? have yet to figure why it doing that.)

Luka - great sword btw hard to do stuff with sculpting with a mouse…hope to get a tablet soon…

MaxmilianPs - like the building wall texture

ryan - i go their too great place

(Ryan) #17

Wanted to see what I can do about a User Interface;

This is just showing different components, would obviously place them differently to make different things.
Going to keep adding to it.

(Luka Andric) #18

Holy is that with leslies gui ?

My work

(Ryan) #19

I can replace his gui with mine, but i made this myself.


did this game over the weekend for fun.
completely with plygame/blox1. hope you like it:

by the way, thanks again to @itsmars and @Ryan for helping me out with the special attack timer :blush: