Show your Creations and Art

(Alex) #21

Some models i made that i want to use in my game made with plyGame.

Still working on the dragon :stuck_out_tongue:

(Alex) #22

nice i like the light effect on the quest log title :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ryan) #23

I really dig that character. What’s the polycount on that thing?

Thanks man!

(Alex) #24

On the picture its around 52 million polygons hehe …
I did redo topology in topogun2 and baked the high poly version to a low poly version in maya and had around 47k polys
thought i will rework it to better work with animations and lower poly count even more trying to reach around 20k so i still have a few back and forth to do …

Its work that i already done for a book i worked on , now making a game based on it.

Book Website


Screenshot of my first terrain and character!

(Ryan) #26

Looking really good man.
I really dig this thread, it’s good to share what we’re proud of.

(Marshall Heffernan) #27


(Luka Andric) #28

@itsmars is that yours ? wooooow

(Stephen Follett) #29

@itsmars i must say thats looks really cool. great work

@luka like the maces

(Ryan) #30

My latest GUI work…
Designed to more easily work with @leslie’s Sample UI.
Let me know what you guys think!
(Sorry for the watermarks, I trust you guys I promise. :stuck_out_tongue:)

(Marshall Heffernan) #31

Looks great. Only 2 recommendations :wink:

  1. Perhaps use a thicker font, or different font color for the Panel Titles? (Menu, Login Screen, Inventory)
    The thin font combined with black letters on a dark red background makes it hard to read.

  2. Borders of some kind on the action bar slots?

Otherwise, looking great! IHopefully when I make my UI I can create something that looks this nice.

Also, that health bar looks really good. Simple, but very good.

(Marshall Heffernan) #32

This topic is 234 days old. What are you all up to!?

I’m currently working on… too much…

-Third Person Unity game
-Top Down Unity game
-Writing/Recording my 20+ part Youtube video tutorial series
-Learning how to model, UVW map, paint vertex envelope weights, etc.
-Making Textures,
-Making Sound Effects, Voice Acting,
-Trying not to play Fallout4,
-Making music

Check out my tunes & lemme know what you think. I’ve gotta get back to work ><

(Marshall Heffernan) #33

Also I just finished with my footstep system. Gonna record a youtube video and upload the scripts for free $$$. You’re welcome :wink:

Also, linked below are two of the songs I’ve made that I’m most proud of. There are five total on my SoundCloud, but these two are gooooood. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Luka Andric) #34

Well i did not been here long time because i left my project done with plygame i was not satisfied with it i still love PlyGame how is it growing and such i using other kit to work with my game but i have other plans with PlyGame but its not available yet i hope will be soon because i wish to make 2D game with PlyGame till then i will wait till h makes it to work with 2D Love u all wish u happy holidays and new year and new stuff :smile:

(Marshall Heffernan) #35

I’m also working on some interface stuff. I’m particularly proud of my health orbs. I probably spent about 10 hours in photoshop on them.

Also here’s a mockup of my Inventory/Character page.

I’m not really sure where I’m going to put what, but here is the rough draft. This probably took about 6 hours.

(click to enlarge)

(Marshall Heffernan) #36

DANG these cloth physics look good, and are crazy easy to set up.

(Leslie Young) #37

You be damned forum! Another thread, and cool one by that, it was not notifying me about.

I’ve also been working on some stuff. This will be the year I make my RPG game.
Mostly in research stages and working on some code so no fancy graphics to show yet.

I’ve been looking at some character systems and so far it seems like I’ll either use UMA or MCS. I’ll make a final decision after Morph3D release the clothing tool they’ve hinted at since I need to be able to customise the characters and not be stuck to models from only one vendor.

Here’s a test of a new player and camera controller I’ve been working on. I might release this as a free add-on controller for plyGame but please do not hold me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

(Leslie Young) #38

That cloth physics does look sweet.So gonna have to use it when I start building worlds.

(Helgard de Barros) #39

That camera contoller looks neat.

Have you looked into Fuse for character creation? I am using it for my character creation (it is free) and I have had some rather nice results.

(Stephen Follett) #40

Mecanim has been a pain lol but getting used to it. this is a tester model rigged.

@leslie that new controller looks cool hope it works