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wow u finally went around occlusion with cam :stuck_out_tongue: took a while :smiley:


you know how to have separate clothing from character that will follow the animation? i never had any answer from unity3d forum from that. maybe you got a hint :slight_smile: i was using daz3d because they have so many free clothing and models that we can use, and found a program to crunch the polycounts so its less big. but if you put so many clothing on your character like gears from levels to levels the game will suffer from a big lag, actually my idea was to do it on online. but i dont think its possible unless making it really ugly low poly…

(Marshall Heffernan) #43

This is called vertex weighting, which is done in 3D Modeling software.

(Helgard de Barros) #44

darkxside - When adding clothing to characters, you need to remove the underlying polygons. So let’s say you start with a man wearing boots, pants and T-shirt, all modelled as part of the model, not layers. Then you want to add a jacket. You need to have a system that masks everything under the jacket, and “deletes” it. It is not really deleted, the mask just makes that the polygons and textures in that masked area are not loaded, keeping your polygon count down. When you add a helmet, you do the same, a mask deletes the polygons you can’t see under the helmet. Every layer you add needs to mask the layers below it. Some programs, like Fuse, have a system built in for doing this, but sometimes you have to make your own system.

That being said, the DAZ3D models are really not suitable for games, now matter how much you crunch the polygons. I worked with DAZ and Poser models for years and they are not “fixable” for game use, I know because I designed some of them. To put it in context, the eye object (which is just a sphere) of their main model, Victoria, has more polygons than the Ethan character that comes with Unity. No matter how much you crunch that you are not going to get useable results. Last time I worked with one of their characters, fully clothed, the polygon count was close to 300 000, while the average Unity model will have about 10 000 to 15 000 polygons.

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Have you looked into Fuse for character creation? I am using it for my character creation

For my game I will need in-game customization. That is why I’m only looking at UMA and MCS.

how to have separate clothing from character

Re clothing and hide unseen polys: UMA and MCS takes care of it (or supposed to). They have to do it anyway to prevent small error of skin poking through clothing. Another reason to choose one of these systems.

DAZ3D models

Morph3D is DAZ. The MCS characters are based on Genesis 2 so you might want to have another look at that if you are looking for that kind of style. Another problem is the DAZ license. You need a special license to use the models in games and you may use only certain ones, like the ones authored by DAZ. The lic does not cover art from all authors selling on DAZ. Even the free stuff might not fall under the lic.

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I havent used plyGame for a while now but somehow got hooked to it again. So, this is what I did achieved so far:

i dont have any fancy plan where to go from here. The game is obviously quite adorable, but my intention is to treat the story and world with quite a lot of respect, and make it an advanced and complex experience. Not to mention how many clever puzzles and adventures I have planned down the road! This Game also wont be anything I will finish in the next couple of Months, lets say this will be my personal Duke Nukem Forever :slight_smile:

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Very cool graphics. Love that torch light effect.

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@Der_Kevin that GUI effect is amazing, and the style is too :smiley:

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Morph3D have a sale of 40% off if you still want to get the character:

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Working on a new game made with plyGame + Photon Blox :slightly_smiling:

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would love to play test it if you need ^^ Looks very charming

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Thanks, sure that would be great!

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Working on the login screen of my game

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Lookin’ good everyone!

I’m still workin on this dang tutorial series @_@ what a nightmare…

The text document is 25 pages long (2751 words - the script I’ll be reading off of, when I press record).

Also doing some GUI work again.

(click to enlarge image)

What are you guys working on?

(Leslie Young) #55

I like how it looks almost like cloth. Would be pretty cool if you lost the black background and then made it look like it was hanging from something, like a a banner. Would be ridiculous if it animated too - moving slightly in the wind XD … wonder if there is a way to animate uGUI in that manner.

(Ryan) #56

so whatcha think about making that camera an add-on? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Marshall Heffernan) #57

This took a minute to figure out…

edit: Better quality



hi! i just finish my respawn point from my player, textured! and rendered!

feedbacks are welcome!

How to build beautiful top-down maps
(Sam) #59

This is my new attack beagle and I am very proud of her. Even if her eyes are a bit odd.

(Marshall Heffernan) #60

Thumbnails for my upcoming video tutorial series on youtube:
(the layout, at least - so I can just swap out the background image and text for each episode)

edit: I’m particularly proud, because this is what they looked like this morning: