Small bugs pack


1.In flow graph set variable (blox) not workingblox%20var

2.favorite panel in 2018.2 not work.

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
BGSEditor.FavsEd.FavouritesTreeView.FolderIconName () (at D:/DevBGS/_source/BGSEditor/Common/FavsPanel/FavouritesTreeView.cs:297)
BGSEditor.FavsEd.FavouritesTreeView.LoadAndUpdate (BGSEditor.FavsEd.FavouritesAsset favsAsset) (at D:/DevBGS/_source/BGSEditor/Common/FavsPanel/FavouritesTreeView.cs:54)
BGSEditor.FavsEd.FavouritesEdWindow.UpdateTreeview () (at D:/DevBGS/_source/BGSEditor/Common/FavsPanel/FavouritesEdWindow.cs:61)
BGSEditor.FavsEd.FavouritesEdWindow.ShowWindow () (at D:/DevBGS/_source/BGSEditor/Common/FavsPanel/FavouritesEdWindow.cs:26) flow graph settings, canvas color and node link color do not save, and blox too.

I wish you a successful day!

(Leslie Young) #2

Thanks, I’ll have a look.

[Edit] Can not reproduce the colour settings problem. I can change them, restart Unity, and the colours are still fine. I can not see that it would be 2018.2 specific problem either since I’m simply using EditorPrefs (similar to PlayerPrefs but for editor) to save this data.