Small issue blox3 update


Hi Leslie,

A small issue since updating blox3
Sorry, not sure how to explain clearly, but I cant select a blox if its not attached inside blue field.

Ex below: cant select the boxcollider blox if I leave them temporarily outside of the blue field, after selecting a blox inside the blue field

(Leslie Young) #2

Not sure which of the Blocks you refer to in the screenshot and in which order I should try to select (or drag) them.

Please number the Blocks you refer to and explain in a post what I should do to reproduce this problem.


Hi Leslie,

After some additional testing, I think I understand the problem:

1/if I drag a block (’‘1’’) within the white rectangular limit (event hierarchy height), and then select a block in the event-> wont be able to select again the block "1"
2/ if drag a block (“2”) outside of the white rectangular limit, and then select a block in the event-> can select the block “2” again

i remember you recently made an update to blox 3 regarding block outside of the event hierarchy There is a display problem in the BloxEd
Could that be the cause? Thks

(Leslie Young) #4

ah shoot ye. The “scrap” Blocks are now using the same technique to render as the Event but now the Event is catching all click events and not letting them through to the the Blocks “behind” it.

I’ll have a look at this…

[edit] fixed in 3.4.4


Thks for the fast fix as usual! Cheers, have a great week.


Sorry Leslie, but still have an issue.

Block event doesnt display properly. eg below: i copied a full block event, but it will be cut when I paste

(Leslie Young) #7

fixed in 3.4.5