SOLVED - How to get the MapNav cell path line


I just purchased MapNav 2 and I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of how to display the pathing line between grid cells. It is all over the asset on the unity asset store, it is even used as your asset icon, but no example in the asset itself.

Thanks in advance for you time.

EDIT: Very first demo scene right click to see path… It was late, my only excuse!

(Leslie Young) #2

I’ll dig up and post (tomorrow) the source for how I showed the path in Battlemass 2. I have vectrocity in the project but not sure if I actually used it or went with simpler method of just showing sprites or not. That space game screenshot simply show rotated planes. I do not have that source any longer. Accidentally deleted the project and backups :crying_cat_face: