Sorry To ask Again Help on Multiplayer game


Sorry if i post it again is photon Blox Dead or Plygame

no Answer for helping my problems

hi all got a problem with photon Blox - Multiplayer

1.when i build the game i get those errors

Starting Game.png780x371 33.2 KB

Starting Game 2.png778x185 17.9 KB

2.when playing the game i dont see any weapon in my hand the animation works

Looking.png736x386 290 KB

3.when playing the game the enemies only attack the master client and not the other clients

4.when closing the build game i get this error

When closing Game.png784x311 41.2 KB

dont know how to fix them and why i get those errors

ps : i only get those errors on Build Game on unity Self all is working fine