Sound Switching!

(Jukebox Animation) #1

Hi c:

I’m trying to make a blox that can change a looping sound to another.
I could create numerous audio source and switch from one to another muting and un muting … but it would be such a mess !
I wondered if there is a simple way to make a kind of a ‘channel’ in which you just switch the track you want.

I tried this for now :

I created a single Audio Source, with a clip on it

And tried to look smart changing its property value ‘clip’ so that it could keep playing and play another track if different.

But actually… this blox just made the audio source not play at all.

Would there be a simple way to achieve this ?

Thanks !

(Leslie Young) #2

Strange that I never made a Block to change that. I’ve added on to the extra blocks pack. It will be under Audio group.

(Jukebox Animation) #3

wow thanks Leslie ! I’ll try that out !!