Spawn point direction?

(Helgard de Barros) #1

So I have two fishermen. Each one is rotated to face the correct direction for his fishing line to be in the water.

The first player is at 90 degrees.


I right click on him, create empty to have the same transform values, and add the spawn point to that empty object.

He is facing the correct direction.

I do the same for the second fisherman.


Create empty and add spawn point.

But he is facing the wrong way. His direction is 0 degrees.

So, why is the one behaving correctly and not the other, and how do I fix the second one?

(Leslie Young) #2

The SpawnPoint component face direction means nothing. It instantiate an object with a 0x0x0 rotation (Quaternion.identity). It is meant to spawn characters which will move away from the spawn point and normally if you are dealing with groups or regularly spawning more to fill up a killed group. Characters which should already be in the scene, like a shop keeper, can just be placed in the scene at the spot and rotation it should be.

(Helgard de Barros) #3

Thanks Leslie.

Odd that the first character does face the right direction though. I must have done something weird there to make that happen, lol. None of the others do.

(Leslie Young) #4

It could be the nav system which turns it cause it moved a little?