Spawn point for Items?

(Helgard de Barros) #1

So, the idea I have is to have something that works exactly like the NPC spawn, but for items.

For example, if I have a bush, and I want the player to pick berries from the bush, that is easy, I just put the berry items on the bush.

But what I would like is to just put a spawn point at the location. The berries will spawn when the player is in a certain radius, which will be better for optimisation if I have 50 bushes in the game.

The other nice feature then would be to set the minimum wait time to say ten minutes. After ten minutes, if the player returns to the bush, and the max number is set to a high number, like 50, there will be berries that have “grown” on the bush in the last ten minutes.

The respawn would have to be triggered by the player picking up the item, or adding item to bag, instead of as with an NPC by the NPC’s death.

Does this sound feasible? Has anyone done anything like this?

(Leslie Young) #2

I wonder if you could use the current spawn point system if you make it think it is dealing with an NPC. Create a simple NPC which will not move and combine that with the Item object setup. I dunno, this craziness might just work.

The alternative is a Blox that has timers and variables to keep track of spawning new objects.