Sprite Renderer Tile's Rotation

(Ike) #1

Hello all. I am using the Sprite Renderer component for flat ground tiles. However, since they are meant for 2D I had to rotate them 90 degrees on the X-axis. But when using them with TileEd they are not rotated as the prefab is.

I can rotate them if I select the GameObject in the scene. But this is time consuming.

Any ideas why TileED is ignoring the prefab rotation? I have a feeling it’s because there prefabs don’t use Mesh Renderers?

(Leslie Young) #2

When you look at the transform of the object in the inspector you need to see 0x0x0 for rotation. To accomplish this you can either parent the object under another one so that the parent has the correct rotation values; or correct the rotation in via the pivot value. Also read this to see the requirements for tiles; http://plyoung.com/tile-ed/tile-ed-auto-tiles.html

(Ike) #3

Oh wow. I read right over the pivot part… Thanks. SpriteRenderer PreFabs don’t work with pivot editor right? I guess I just have to parent each tile manually?

(Leslie Young) #4

I don’t think so. This tool was made to place “3D” tiles/ objects (where you have X/Y/Z) rather than objects placed against the Unity 2D plane (where you have (X/Y only).