Storing player name


I’m having issues with adding a player name like in the video “Vinoma - Set variable via script”

Getting an error for PerformOperationOnVariable It’s asking for ‘3’ arguments? I’m not sure what to do as I’m typing the script word for word.

(Leslie Young) #2

Please read this on how to report error/console messages correctly. When Reporting Errors

As I make updates/changes to Vinoma some of the scripting shown in videos might become out of date, I believe the PerformOperationOnVariable is one of the functions I updated recently to now take 4 params.

You probably want to pass “null” for the 3rd and what used to be the 3rd param, the VinomaVarOperation, should now be the 4th. The 3rd param is a “value2” needed by some operations, like VinomaVarOperation.Random.