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(Artie) #1

Here’s a link to a teaser trailer of my game I’ve been working on my spare time. It’s also my first time making an ingame cutscene too. The last couple of sec shows the gameplay footage using plygame for everything in game mechanic wise. cept just from energy bar toolkit hooked by plyblox.

Memories:Forgotten - Teaser Trailer Video

this toolkit is amazing, thx leslie! ^^
The next trailer will focus more indepth with gameplay that aren’t seen in the trailer yet xp

(Elizeusz144) #2

This looks very nice !

(gman7) #3

Very nice Artie. What tools did you use to create the cut scene? Very professional work.

(Artie) #4

thx~ Just using Maya as a 3d package and exporting assets and animations into unity. Nothing fancy or plugins ^^

(NightTiger) #5

Looks Great. Best wishes for this project, really something to look forward to :smiley:

(dreamlarp) #6

Awesome work. Good luck on this.

(Artie) #7

New pics ^^ Testing out dynamic camera angles using just blox and metadata telling where the camera is aiming and animation cues at during dialogue runtime.

(Scot Flux) #8

Ouuuh, Amazing… Very well polished.

:star: :star: :star: :star: 1/2( :star: )

(Leslie Young) #9

That is pretty cool! :star2:

(Joe) #10

At a very early stage already has a very polished look, Pretty amazing.

(Mike Felker) #11

So you can use the Energy Bar Toolkit with PlyGame?


(mike) #12

yes you can well i can get it to read the attributes but having issues getting the fill sprite to show,
the bottom post shows how to connect them if u can figure out how to get the fills prite to show please do tell.

(Artie) #13

Yup using etb for my game. Check this topic i posted for the help: http://forum.plyoung.com/t/how-would-you-go-about-setting-up-energybar-tool-kit-in-blox/306/9
I’ll post images when i get bk after the weekends .w.

(Artie) #14

Here are some new images to my game. Stuffs I did last year. Planning to make another trailer with more gameplay involved. This scene is ganna be for my beta but storywise it’s near the end xD
The robot is called a Seeker. Originally this is an advanced city but there was an accident in a facility that experiments on a mist that gives of resources of free energy. So the city is now abandoned/destroyed but the mechanical objects and lights are still running.

Need Some Help for my game
(Michael Urvan) #15

Very cool

(Artie) #16

Thx~ ^^
Also here is a new video I posted before I left for Pax and forgot to show it here lol
Just showcasing many custom UI like inventory and etc. Still lots more to do. xwx We all know RPGs are UI logic heavy. That’s why I haven’t shown any attacks yet. Enjoy.

(Luka Andric) #17

How did u make quest text showing like that and awesome game :wink:

(Artie) #18

Thx~ oh it’s a custom code I made feeding from diaq. It then goes thru a coroutine to output letters one at a time using yield in sec. I also search for special characters to change colors or time. Then it goes out to the uGui text ^^

(Luka Andric) #19

I wish there was some more options in plygame for that :smiley: and such

(Artie) #20

^^ I haven’t been active lately cause of current work as always, but here’s a new log I like to share!
This time I wrote a quick messy code that basically makes the Character Controller acts like a rigidbody… kinda and not the best but it’s good enough for this minimalistic HacknSlash game. It really started as a doodle really lol
There is no rigidbody on my main character and I’m just raycasting down to check the floor’s normal angles. For sliding, I used a hackish lerp between character’s forward facing and the floor’s normal angle. There are other ways where I used the velocity of the character Y velocity to determine if it would fly and lingers that movement as it leaves the slide.

Also for the first time I wanna show you my combat system near the end ^^ really happy with the close combat system for now but I’ll show the magic parts next time. Still deciding it’s logic. Everytime an enemy get’s a skill hit, it’ll lerp it’s transform backwards depending on it’s weight and player’s power.

p.s. making the sliding reminds me of this:

Block and attack
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