TailBlade - Hack n Slash

(Artie) #21

finally getting into level designing and art 83

(Marshall Heffernan) #22


(Artie) #23

Don’t mind if I pop in after a long hiatus. This is my personal project so I did expect to invest so much of my free time into it ^^; I’ll leave some more pics here to show some progress. I finished the base skeleton of my game so I’m focusing on more art and story now.

(Ryan) #24

Very cool! I dig the folds in the cloth and how you can see underlying anatomy in the torso.
Not sure if the positioning of the ear ring makes much sense however.

(Artie) #25

Thx! XD yhea, the ring might be too heavy at the end point of the ear, but it does stand out

(A.K.) #26

This is incredibly cool!

About how far done with the game would you say you are?

(Artie) #27

thx! Just needs polishing, more animations and actual level design. I feel like I spent all these years just preparing a mario maker or something lol Here’s a gameplay preview. Even though it’s from last year recording ^^;

(A.K.) #28

Still very cool!

Congrats on getting past the preparation! That’s a big milestone! ^^/

(Artie) #29

yeee! I just wanna tell a story and less time programming ;v; Here’s more progress.

And I made my store into a vending machine… that can sell weapons too lol

(Marshall Heffernan) #30

Dedication and Perseverance. Lovin’ it.

(Leslie Young) #31

This looks so freakin’ cool.