Thanks to Leslie and plyGame

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Here’s a little story if you have the time to read.

Most likely the wrong section and it might look like advertising or showcasing but, I need to say thanks to Leslie for creating a robust and functional product/kit. Even though at this time plyGame is not that “new” and Leslie’s efforts are focused on Blox Game Systems, I can say without doubt, that I’ll be getting the BGS without hesitation. Leslie’s support, patience and how good he’s at what he does, is such a high value hard to get somewhere else.
I need to say, Unity scared a lot me a couple of years ago, and considering I’m not a coder, it was simply a monster to me, without a clue about where to start or even to understand simple things. Even following the tutorials was a burden. So I decided to jump into a visual programming tool suited for Role Playing Games (RPG). After spending some cash on different tools, I landed in plyGame and it feel natural to get into, but still, I didn’t know what was behind those blocks in terms of how everything works.
So, instead of creating my dream RPG, I decided to make U turn and started making an strategy game for mobile… yes, similar to those clash of clans and alike, and yes, for “mobile” even when plyGame does not officially support it.
Besides not knowing a thing about Unity, I was even more lost in terms of mobile and Android and such. I didn’t even know how to play the game on my phone. So I continued working using plyGame and I started to understand how plyGame was putting the Unity “stuff” in a simple way to use it, and then when I needed something specific that plyGame was not made for, I started coding it on my own while interacting with plyGame. Everything started to move so smoothly. And then, another very specific stuff and thanks to Leslie for providing plyGame’s source code, I ventured into that code to modify it to my needs. Compiled the DLL and back to my project. Long story short, from knowing nothing about Unity, C#, Android, etc., I ended up creating a game for mobile devices, using a visual programming tool that was not intended for that purpose but it helped me to understand Unity’s nuts and bolts.

So, plyGame was my Unity teacher/mentor and now I can freely talk one on one to Unity and it’s features. I’m not saying I’m an expert, but I learned it in a way that makes me feel very confident about it thanks to plyGame. Yet, that doesn’t mean I’d go code it all on my own. Time is the most valuable non-renewable resource, and the tools that Leslie provide, save a lot of time and a lot of headaches, so we can focus on the stuff that is outside of that to make the game we want.

Thanks to Leslie and looking forward for Blox Game Systems

In case anyone is interested, this is the game I made that served as the stuff I was learning and I decided to drop it at the Google Play Store since it as already done. Still a lot of room to make it close to a AAA game, or maybe not even an A, but the learning experience was what I can rescue from it. Even though, I’m not going back to mobile and I’ll focus on the PC/Consoles now that I joined forces with a couple of guys to make a team.


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Wow awesome! Congrats Noah!

(Leslie Young) #3

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

… and gratz on the release. I think one of the hardest things, especially when working alone, is to stay motivated and finishing something.