The beginning of the end

(Tsuna) #1

Title: the beginning of the end
Game genre: RPG
What engine/designer: Unity 5
In what space: 3D
What form of the game: third-person
What Is The Language Of PR. used in the game: C#
For what platform: PC
What type of software distribution license: Free
Timing of development: 2016
The available teams: two people
2052. After merging countless alternate universes, the space began to destroy itself and smachivaetsya between distorting time. For humans, this destruction was similar to the feeling of entering into sleep and complete loss of memory, which no one could remember what happened and where I woke up. But, there were people who could remember their movements between different spaces and with each new destruction of such people is becoming less because of the creatures that peremeshayte from one time and space to another and some of them have learned to control the movement. The protagonist of the game was one of those who remembers about their travels and not only that, what he learns as to learn about themselves and other people with similar abilities. That he prestoit to understand the reason for these effects and is there a possibility to return to their seats.