Third person controller and "Cross-hair"

(noah) #1

I’ve been trying to use the 3rd person controller but I can’t make it to work as I thought it would, but most likely I’m missing some configuration. The character moves all good with the 3rd person controller, but the problem comes when using a Skill with “projectiles”, either like an archer or in my test, shooting a gun.
This is how I configured the skill but sends me an error (message) to the console every time I use the skill, and the projectile is not sent/shot:

This is the message that leaves in the console/log:

Look rotation viewing vector is zero
plyGame.Skill:CreateProjectile(Int32, Single, Vector3, Vector3, Transform, Vector3) (at D:/Work/u50/SOURCE/plyRPG/Game/Character/Skills/Skill.cs:722)
plyGame.Skill:ExecuteProjectile(Targetable, Vector3, Vector3) (at D:/Work/u50/SOURCE/plyRPG/Game/Character/Skills/Skill.cs:780)
plyGame.Skill:Execute(Targetable, Vector3, Vector3) (at D:/Work/u50/SOURCE/plyRPG/Game/Character/Skills/Skill.cs:936)
plyGame.Actor:LateUpdate() (at D:/Work/u50/SOURCE/plyRPG/Game/Character/Actor/Actor.cs:557)

If I change the configuration of the skill to be Actor Direction “Camera Direction”, the shots/bullets are fired in an odd direction that would not be nice for a game:

What do I need to configure to get rid of that error/message related to the “Look rotation viewing vector is zero”? Or what would be the proper settings for a skill either for an archer or for a character firing a gun using the 3rd person controller?

Like I said before, there’s still a lot to learn!


(Leslie Young) #2

I’ll submit a patch to prevent the look rotation error.

Not exactly sure what effect you are after but keep in mind that the Skill system’s projectiles do not normally move up/down from the the position they are fired.