Third Person Controller for plyGame

(William) #22

Hi does the auto move to interact not work on this controller. I recently downloaded to see how it works and all works great expect auto move to interact.

(Leslie Young) #23

does the auto move to interact not work on this controller


(William) #24

Ok, thanks I thought so cause i tested the prefab you made to make sure. I was just making sure I didn’t miss anything. I saw it in the script, figured you would have not added it there, but i’m guessing its required for other plygame stuff to work. Thanks for fast response.


I had similar problems as everyone else but has anyone had the player fall thru the flooring when using this upon changing and messing around i couldn’t ever get the player to move when i just imported either he stands still and is plastered to the flooring or he just falls thru it

(Leslie Young) #26

Did a test now and the test scene works the same as shown in the video. Have a look at the Test Area under Demo scenes. You should be able to open it and press play and it will work (in a plyGame based project).


Alright i’ll give it another try,How much of this will actually work with Invector asset?
I bought Evila’s rpg pack and havent even been able to get it to install without errors so hopefully this can blend functions with that asset for me

(Leslie Young) #28

You mean their 3rd person controller? That will not work with plyGame if there is not a specific plugin adding compatibility.

The reason being, this