TileEd updates

(Leslie Young) #1


Initial release of TileEd.
More info: http://plyoung.com/tile-ed/
Report bugs: http://forum.plyoung.com/c/tile-ed

  • Known Issues: Deprecation warnings in Unity 5.3 beta. I will look into this once Unity 5.3 leaves beta.

(Leslie Young) #3


  • Changed the “NavArea” option in Tile and Prop sets to allow for any defined Navigation Area to be available of selection. Before only “Walkable” and “Not Walkable” was available.

(Leslie Young) #4


  • Updated to work in Unity 5.3
  • I will leave the Unity 5.2 version up for a while but it will not receive any future updates and will be removed eventually.

(Leslie Young) #5


  • Fixed bug with saving templates caused by a change in Unity 5.3

(Leslie Young) #6


  • Added confirmation when trying to remove a tile or prop from a set to prevent accidental removal

(Leslie Young) #7


  • Fixed “AWSD” camera movement not working correctly when Props tool is active

(Leslie Young) #8


  • Changed some error messages to warnings messages when using the recreated map/ group feature.

(Leslie Young) #9


  • Build against Unity 5.3.3 DLLs
  • Added offline documentation to package

(Leslie Young) #10


  • Changed the Tools tab to be 1st to open when opening the settings window
  • The Tile Layers list can now be un-docked from the inspector
  • Added option (in settings) to change the height of the tile layer list when docked in inspector
  • Added option to set a custom thumb/ preview image when TileEd is unable to generate the correct one from the provided tile/ prop (button next to the one used to remove prefab from a tile in tile/ prop setup)

TileEd editor window improvements
(Leslie Young) #11


  • Added option to make each tile/ prop in the brush random when random prefab option is on (for brushes bigger than 1)
  • Optimized the tile paint tools by adding tile object caching so that lookup of these objects is faster while placing/ removing tiles

(Leslie Young) #12


  • Further optimizations of the tile paint tool. It should now be much faster to paint big maps.

Note that the auto-tile sculpt mode with a big brush (5x5) will be slow since there are so many tiles and edge cases to check. It is best to use the normal tile brush (non auto-tile) to create big areas of floor and then go over the edges with a smaller (1x1) auto-tile brush to create the wall/ cliff areas if required.

(Leslie Young) #13


  • Fixed some problems caused after having used Undo. (Like the wrong tile being removed when you place new tiles or delete tiles)

(Leslie Young) #14


  • “Combine Block size” settings was not being saved
  • Added “Generate uv2” option to settings

(Leslie Young) #15


  • Added option (in Tile Palette) to hide the auto-tile tile pieces. It is the button just above the palette’s up/down buttons. Useful when you will not need them and to extra tiles added to the set.
  • Added option (in terrain auto-tile inspector) to choose how many tiles and below the placed tile should be removed when placing terrain auto-tiles. Increasing these values will have a performance hit since TileEd needs to look through more grid positions to find tiles that must be removed. Lowering these values will allow you to draw terrain above terrain without removing the tiles of the terrain below similar to how dungeon auto-tiles works.

(Leslie Young) #16


  • Fixed problem with grid not aligning properly at tile sizes higher than 5

(Leslie Young) #17


  • Updated with latest version of plyLib. You need this if you use it with Blox 3 in a project since they share plyLib and you should not have the version for this out of sync then

(Leslie Young) #18


(Leslie Young) #19


  • Added the “Centre align” option to Tile Group/ Layer edit window. The default is to align the centre of the centre tile to the centre of the world. With this option off a corner of the centre tile aligns with the world centre. This is useful when you regularly use tiles of different sizes and want them to align.

Also read my comment here about my opinion around aligning bigger objects with smaller before deciding to turn this option off.

Okay to update from old version?
(Leslie Young) #20


WARNING: This update WILL break existing projects. Do not update to this if you have an existing project and do not want to loose any maps and Tile/ Prop set definitions. If you do want to upgrade to this you will have to remove all Tile Maps from your scenes and delete the Assets/projectData/TileEd folder. This update is for developers who wants to make use of TileEd map data at runtime. You do not need this if you are just using it to paint maps.

  • Separated the TileEd map data and tile/ prop set data into a new DLL which can be accessed at runtime.
  • Added a meta property to tiles and props so that designer can assign addition data to the tiles or props.
  • See included Assets\plyoung\TileEd\packages\TileEdRuntime.zip for sources of the TileEd data scripts to learn more.

TileEd 1.2.0 update WARNING
(Leslie Young) #21


This update fixes problems in Unity 5.4. You do not need it if you are still using Unity 5.3.