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The primary purpose of this tool is to keep track of time in your game and based off a time that you designate, run events.

Similar uses can be seen in many games, but a few examples can be made with this tool such as:

  • Ability to run AI events at timed intervals. (Eating, Sleeping, Patrols, etc.)
  • Ability to time player related events.
  • Ability to have a realtime day and night cycle based off hours/minutes/seconds.
  • Add dynamically timed events for dungeons/boss fights
  • Create a game that gives the player a limited amount of time to finish the end goal. (5 Hours to beat the game/survive)
  • Many more possibilities!

Just by altering your TIME variable, you can speed up or slow down your counters. By default, both counters start at real time 1 second intervals. but you can easily speed up the counting by changing the variable into decimal form.

So for example, if i want to speed up my counters by half, then i would change the TIME variable to .5. Likewise, if i wanted to slow down the timers by half, i would then change the TIME variable to 1.5.

The TIME variable will start with 1 = to 1 second. Alter this if you want faster or slower speeds. If you are interested in gathering the info of the current time, all you have to do is call for the time variable you are interested in, like so:


I will be adding more completed prefab functions to the package over time. Below you can find a list of things that i am currently working on releasing:

  • Day/Night cycle (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night)
  • AI Reactive Events (Patrols, Battles, Worker NPCs, Sleeping)
  • Timed Dungeons (Set time to complete a event, dungeon, or quest

Stay tuned to the thread as i will release updates directly here.


The COUNT DOWN TIMER will perform the following functions:

-Count down from a desiered Hour, Minute, or Second. (Default start is 24 Hours)
-Run events based off of the current Hour, Minute, or Second.
-Run a FINAL event when the counter reaches 0.
-Destroy itself.

The COUNT UP TIMER will perform the following functions:

-Count up from a desired Hour, Minute, or Second. (Default start is 0)
-Run events based off of the current Hour, Minute, or Second.

Hopefully someone can find use for these timers in some way.


Q: I dont want the GUI visuals to be seen!

A: You can remove the GUI elements from the scene simply by deactivating the BACKDROP gameobject and deactivating the SET GUI and UPDATE COUNTER events in the state. Doing this will still allow for the counter to work so dont worry, you just are disabling the visual elements.


Let me know if you have any questions.

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(Jamie pearce) #2

not bad i may be able to make use of this i was gonna make something similar at some point XD saves me a bit of time thanks for sharing

ill def use the count up timer so that players know how much time they spent playing XD all i had to do was disable the reset of the hours XD

(Luka Andric) #3

I have problem seen UI

Fixed it i add a new canvas

(rochas) #4

Are there any video tutorials, guides or examples of how this plugin could be used?