Total Newbie Tutorials

(Adam Raphael) #1

Hi, I just decided to try to get started with Unity. As a non-programmer, but Scratch fan, I’m hoping Blox is a way around C# scripting.
I’ve started reading/watching the help, but it seems more geared for explaining how blox works to coders. Is there a non-coders tutorial, if not would someone help out by making one. I’m following the unity tutorials (roll a ball etc); explaining how to use blox instead of scripts for these tutorials would be a perfect way into unity for dunces like myself who learn from practical tutorials but glaze over when reading manuals.

Thanks! Hope I’ll be churning out triple A titles before the end of the year :wink:

(William Ianneci) #2

Adam, there will likely not be tutorials like that made. Blox is a powerful tool and can save a lot of time, but is really just a more visual and for some, logical, way to put code together. But if you do not have a basic understanding of C#, as that is what the blocks are, blocks of code, you will have a hard time. Leslie has added descriptions and most are right from the Unity API doc of what the functions do for most if not all of the blocks he created, so that will help in understanding what they do along with Unity doc’s. I would highly recommend you look for C# projects in unity and study.

I would strongly suggest taking a look at-

He makes outstanding courses, this one will teach you about using Unity3d and C# at the same time and at 15.00 right now, is a steal. Great for a beginner.

(Alien) #3

ya, not a lot of tutorials, but if you have questions post them here, we can try to answer.

once you go through Leslies tutorials, start playing around with basic stuff and build from that… its fairly easy to get the hang of it after a while. try to use Tween (like leantween or itween) and it starts to make sense on how things get put together…

i had started a basic tutorial but never got it finished… :frowning: sorry.

(Leslie Young) #4

I understand the problem you face, coming from something like Scratch. Unity is a whole different beast and where Scratch’ visual system covered that engine’s function, Blox try to cover Unity’s in a similar way. So part of using Blox is knowing how to use Unity and its functions.

It would not really be possible to make tutorials since it would come down to explaining how to create game genres in Unity itself via code. I see you are following the right direction though by looking at the unity Learn site. Have a look through all the videos I made so that you will see how Blox can fit in when you learn new things on the Unity Learn site.

I want to eventually add game genre specific plugins which would remove a lot of the logic one would need to create via Blox and make this even more non-coder friendly. I’ve started with some basic things via the Blox Game Systems plugin but is not nearly where I would like this to go.