Trouble With GUI click-through -- Custom GUI[RESOLVED]

(Trevs S ) #1

Hello everyone, I’m having a bit of trouble getting a custom GUI made with plyGame’s Blox to prevent player click movement when the clicking on the GUI. Any general pointers?

(Trevs S ) #2


(Trevs S ) #3

The event trigger belongs to the “Bag” object in the hierarchy. The On Update and UIHover triggers belong to the UI Parent object.

(Trevs S ) #4

I figured it out, I made a small script that handled mouse input and added it to the player object.

(Leslie Young) #5

It could be that the script holding the Blox was not running its update before the player script. Basically the same idea as with the sample UI but just do it for plyBlox. See this post too.