Trying to figure out italics

(Gloomy Dawn) #1

I am trying to make all of the text in some dialogue boxes italic, but when I add the italics to them, it shows the first symbol in game and only shows the italicized text when it reaches end. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong, and would appreciate help with this.

(Leslie Young) #2

It is because of the type write effect. The component/label which parses the text for tags only has part of the text and do not have the closing tag for italics yet, so it does not know to show the text in italics since a tag without closing tag is invalid according to it. You will have to disable the type writer effect if you want to use tags in the text.

It works fine in BGS’s VN Engine since I am using TextMesh Pro there, which uses a differently way of revealing the text and already parsed the text for the tags and formatting before the reveal starts. In Vinoma the Unity UI label is used.

(Gloomy Dawn) #3

Ohhhh, okay. I’ll have to find a different way to present this then. Thank you so much for your help!