Turn Based Plug in

(Bullardo) #1

Hey Leslie, is this still on your radar? Was wondering where you are in the process. I know you were working on building all the core components first but figured I would ask.

(Alien) #2

my understanding is that plyGame is feature complete. if any type of turn based “plug-in” is developed it would be for the blox Gaming System(BGS). my understanding is that is a big IF. like, I wouldn’t hold my breath. :=)

(Bullardo) #3

Leslie had dome some work initially for BGS but I believe he wanted to finish the core systems before he worked on it more. I wasnt sure if this was still on his road map or not because he had started work on documenting the plug in before changing direction. No big deal but I dont want to waste time on building my own TB solution if he plans on it since his would probably be better :slight_smile:

(Leslie Young) #4

Think confusing came in since you posted this in the plyGame category. I’ve moved this topic.

As Alien mentioned, any future work I do would be for BGS.
I am currently busy with a full-time project which will take a few months. I can’t be sure what happens after that and if I will have the time to work on bigger systems like an RPG plug-in. For now I try to improve the BGS core systems with fixes and features when I get some free time.