Turning off the menu and switching from the main location to the Vinoma location

(Tsuna) #1

Hello. How to disable the Vinoma menu using Blox Visual Scripting and make a transition from its location to the Vinoma location and back?

(Leslie Young) #2

You could disable it with the UnityEngine > GameObject > SetActive Block (pass false for value).

I do not know what you mean by make a transition from its location

(Tsuna) #4

Thanks, we managed to turn off the menu but now the characters do not appear at startup, an empty scene.
How to make it so that when the player approaches the character, you can press the E key and after that the Vinoma dialog starts up?

(Leslie Young) #5

I am not sure what you are showing me. Vinoma controlled characters are kept in VinomaSceneController/Characters.

If you are not experienced at Unity development or programming you might want to go with a solution created for your needs. Vinoma is not meant to be used as a dialogue engine for a game. It is for creating simple visual novel games where this tool drives everything. What you are attempting is a “hack” which it was never created for so it will require some know-how to work with.