Tween Move help? (Self Fixed)

(Alien) #1

Hope someone can help me…
I’m trying to bounce a hex OnClick. and giggle the hex when i hover over it (using leantween). the hover over works fine. and a single hex works fine, but once i make multiple prefabs in the scene, the movement becomes odd. I’m not sure if this is something to do with how i set it up my code, blox variable or leantween. if anyone has any thoughts, it would be appreciated.

Here is the start, setup the OriginalPos for the object.

The onMouseDown (adding .3 to Y of the original position and tweenmove the object)

an on mouse up. (tween move back to original position.)

here is a video of the odd movement
capture-1.7z (191.2 KB)

When i watch the objects move (in the inspector during play), all the transform values on the object change, not only the Y value.
might be getting last and missing the obvious…

(Alien) #2

Something wrong with the tween ease shake. i changed to an easeSpring and changed to affect the Y float value instead of the vector3 and got it working as intended.

(it was probably getting last night and wasn’t thinking).