Unit Frame Camera?

(Francois) #1

Hey people!


I have an image of my character in my unit frame and it looks ok BUT I would like to have the character animated like a camera zooming in on his face while in idle mode? Sorry but I am not sure about the terminology so if anyone knows how to accomplish this please can you shed some light?


(Marshall Heffernan) #2
  1. In your Project Window, click Create > Render Texture


  1. Put a camera in front of your player’s face (as a child GameObject)

  2. Set the Culling Mask to the Player layer and set the Target Texture to your newly created RenderTexture


  1. Go to your UI and create a UI>Raw Image

  2. Drop in the RenderTexture


(Francois) #3

Sweetness! Thanks!

(Francois) #4

Followed it to the T however no joy, this does however work when everything is in the same scene? Any ideas?

(jm) #5

try to use dont destroy on load

(Francois) #6

Yip its on, RPG_UI is loaded…

(Marshall Heffernan) #7

Uh what?

(William Ianneci) #8

I think he has his UI in a separate scene and its not pulling the reference to his cam or player unless he has them in the same scene.

(Marshall Heffernan) #9

There’s no reference though.

(William Ianneci) #10

All I could think of with the little info he gave.

(Francois) #11

Sorry guys I will post more info tonight for ya.

(Francois) #12

Alright here we go

Player Camera:


Result in my scene:


I was kinda expecting the avatar’s face to show up in the Unit frame :slight_smile:

(Alien) #13

your player is on/in the player layer right?

(Francois) #14

ALIEN I OWE YOU A BEER! That was it! Thank you everybody!


Now I just have to work a proper mask for this!