Unity 2018.2.14f1 obsolete Unity Api

(Brett Bedrin) #1


I just purchases TileEd and am trying to use it with Unity 2018.2.14f1, however, when I import TileEd, I get prompted to upgrade the APIs, I receive a warning in the console that "Assembly: ‘C:/…/editor/plyEditor.dll’ uses obsolete Unity API (UnityUpgradeable).

After performing the upgrade, the terrains become very glitchy.

If start a new project and don’t upgrade, its a little less glitchy, but still, the transition between the wall and the floor don’t fit.

I am using the same asset pack that was mention in the some of the demos.

After Upgrade

Before Upgrade

Thank you


(Leslie Young) #2

Thanks for repprting. I’ll have a look into this.

(Leslie Young) #3

I had a look in 2018.2.15 and it still works fine. I will recompile against .15 API and push an “update” anyway just in case it helps with your problem.

Check that you set the correct tile size for the grid of the layer you paint those tiles on. In my tests I use “2”. This is what my setup looks like for testing with those tiles.