Unity 2018.3 (beta) BSG Blox editor crashes unity?

(Alien) #1

i running Unity 2018.3 beta and bgs runs fine, but i can’t open the blox editor. all the other editors work fine, main editor, canvas editor both work without issue, but when i try to open up the blox editor (or by access it by a blox container object) unity completely crashes.

Wonder if anyone else has this issue. not a huge issue right now, since its beta, but more a heads up…

(Leslie Young) #2

2018.3 includes some big changes so best to wait until I’ve dealt with it and posted an update that is compatible. I’ll probably wait till release candidates are available before I post any patches/updates though since things can still change during betas and crashes could even be due to a bug in Unity itself which would be pointless for me to make a workaround for during beta.

(Alien) #3

yep, no problem at all. just more informational then anything…