Unity 2018 Mechanim issue

(Francois) #1

Hey guys,

I just upgraded my project to the latest beta version of 2018. I get the following error:

I’ve tried a few things but no joy thus far? Help would be highly appreciated.

(Helgard de Barros) #2

Plygame hasn’t been updated to work with 2018 yet as far as I know. I wouldn’t update until Leslie says it’s OK.

(Leslie Young) #3

I was waiting for release proper but I guess not much will change from the release candidates that are now available. I’ll grab 2018’f1 and see what needs to be fixed. Watch the announce section for an update.

(Francois) #4

Cheers mate! Thank you!

(Leslie Young) #5

The line throwing the error should technically not.
I’ll PM you a build to test before I submit this to asset store.

(Francois) #6

This issue is resolved. This was caused by Unity 2018 beta. The full release does not have any issues.