UNITY UI instead of GUI on UNIRPG - poll

(daniel harratt) #1

hi all,
so quick request for some feed back, i know a lot of you use UNIRPG these days… would you prefer to use the inbuilt GUI or have it transferred to unity`s UI system? i would open a poll but i dont think i can …
I know for one that i would love to see unity UI inplace in UNIRPG… if you would like UI better just say so on this post… cheers all

(Alien) #2

plygame supports this (uniRPG is free and doesn’t have all the current stuff). show some love to the developer and buy it.

(daniel harratt) #3

lol i already have plygame… but thanks for the support, lol

(Alien) #4

ya… ok. I’m just guessing its a lot of effort on Leslies part, for a product that is free…

(Leslie Young) #5

Just so it is public. I will not be making any updates to UniRPG and will remove it from the Asset Store the next time Unity makes an update which breaks it.

If there is interest I could put it up on github for people to submit improvements which I could merge in, but this assumes experienced programmers actually uses it… which I doubt :neutral_face: