Update broke old maps!

(Sergej Voronov) #1

After update TileEd (from 1.1.5 to 1.2.1) my old maps is broken.
When i select TileEd component on scene i get next error:

[TileEd] The Selected object is a TileEd Map but the associated map asset could not be found. Either restore the asset or remove the TileEdMap Component from this object.
UnityEngine.Debug:LogError(Object, Object)
TileEd.TileEd:OnEnable() (at D:/DevUnity/_SOURCE/TileEd/TileEd2/TileEd.cs:85)

How i can fix this problem? It is not good idea to recreate all my maps…

P.S. Looks like all my tiles and props settings gone too!!!
So my project complete broken…

(Alien) #2

This was posted a week ago. Although i think Leslie probably should have forked the version for the 5.4 update. such is life. no idea how you would fix it at this point.

But let us know if you fix it. I’ve been holding off on that update for that reason…

(Sergej Voronov) #3

So no updates/bugfixes in TileED for me ?! Because here no conversion utility??
This is very very bad attitude to customers.
I go to asset store and set 1 star and warning buyers , no one must use TileEd in real projects

(Leslie Young) #4

Is there a problem coming op in Unity 5.4 with TileEd 1.1.7 (please post the error here if so)? You only need 1.2.1 if you want the runtime stuff.

There are no new features planned so you will not miss out and I doubt there will be many new updates from now on since TileEd has been stable for a while now so you can continue to use 1.1.7. I decided to release it in this way so that new projects are forced to use the new runtime support and I do not have to manage two separate builds and explain how to install them

I can not create a conversion utility. The map data format did not changed - else I would have made one. It is literally the DLLs that changed and unity is not reattaching the scripts to the asset files - you know like when you see “missing script” errors on components? You could try and just manually go place the right ones on the asset files again but like I said - really not needed. Just continue to use 1.1.7 and if it is throwing errors in Unity 5.4 just post a message here with the error so I can have a look at it.


Version 1.2.2 has just been released and now has new features.

So before I make any assumptions, You now have an upgrade path from 1.1.x so that people don’t lose existing work?

(Leslie Young) #6

Do you need the Sorting Layers option?


I can see me potentially using that, yes. I’ll also need future functionality and bug fixes you will be adding to future versions.

So can you confirm there will be an upgrade path?

(Leslie Young) #8

I have PMd you with update.


Anyway I could get the update as well? I’m still using the 1.1 versions of TileEd for my old maps.

(Leslie Young) #10

That is quite a few months ago. I do not keep versions that far back.