Updated to new vinoma version.. lost months worth of scenes i had been making


Updated to new vinoma version…lost all of my scenes …is there any way to get it back or roll back the version? this has completely obliterated 6 months of my life if not.


its was from version 1.2.7 to 1.3.3 and all i did was update and all of my hotspots and scenes are gone. Why would this happen ??

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Updated to new vinoma version…lost all of my scenes …is there any way to get

Restore from your backups/ version-control system?

its was from version 1.2.7 to 1.3.3 . Why would this happen ??

The only reason I can see this happening is if the main unity scene vinoma uses,was overwritten by the default/template one during import. This should not really have happened though since the template is in a different location and a copy, the one you should be working with, of it is made into the projetData.


i was able to use the collaborate function but i hadn’t updated it recently … and rolled it back to about a month ago but its still like 60 hours of work lost. Any chance i can pull it from an apk build if i decomple it? I’m just bummed out something like this happened after so much work. any other suggestions would be great. I save many times every day but obviously that doesn’t help in this situation. I had opened the unity program since the close sadly


but yes somehow it did overwrite the main scene in project data file

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Sorry, I have no idea how one would decompile Unity assets to retrieve things like scene files. If you manage to find some kind of info, remember to back up what you have now so you do not loose that too if something goes wrong.

I know, it is not what you want to hear but that is why we (developers) need to keep backups, preferably via some kind of version control system. I am often guilty of not using one myself for personal projects.


Yes, understood. Seems there are some programs that you can rip graphic, textures and all that but doesnt seem like they can reconstruct the scene its self. I’ll be alright at least i got most of it back. Thanks for the help regardless, lesson learned.