Using Animator?

(Claudio Jr) #1

Good evening my friends, I have a question here.

How can I use the Controller Animator?

I’m using animator Controler
For the characters to move
works perfectly more when using in soutar margias using bool does not work or works sometimes.?

(daniel harratt) #2

what exactly are you trying to do??

(Sergey Ryabchenko) #3

use PlyGame.

(Claudio Jr) #4

I have many 3d models plus it has no animations of its own I use more the Animator Controller of unity.

(Claudio Jr) #5

Thank you, is it working now, just the animations and attack and death that are delaying the execution?
They are a bool.

(Claudio Jr) #6

I put more time in the execution of the animations is a little better now
I created an animator controller with the parameto float for Speed ​​and the others are Bool
Does anyone have any examples for me how can I make it better?

(daniel harratt) #7

i dont really use mechanim with unirpg, so i cant be much help with this… I believe Leslie only put the mechanim animation in for simple tests and NPC`s…
Legacy works so much easier with UNIRPG

(Claudio Jr) #8

You show me the example he made.