Using DiaQ without other plygame systems? How to?

(Thomas Morris) #1

Was wondering if there was a way to use DiaQ without having to reference plyRPG. just need the dialogue and quests without brraking my project.

(Leslie Young) #2

If this is not new project then 1st test in clean project and make backup of main project before applying there.

Basically, delete everything inside plyoung folder except for DiaQ, edRes and plyCommon folders.
It should work but I am not sure so 1st test.

(Thomas Morris) #3

wont i require plyblox?

actually, it would be nice to be able to use plyblox for the scripting too. Can i use plyblox and diaQ without needing to reference plyRPG. and how do i get my player talking to npcs when using diaq?

(William Ianneci) #4

You can use plyblox by itself. Search he forums, just have to import only the correct folders.

Look here-

(Leslie Young) #5

DiaQ should work without plyGame (plyBlox) and plyRPG present. If you go that route you need to code to interact with it. The DiaQ source is included in plyoung\DiaQ\Documentation. Extract it somewhere because you will want access to it to learn what function can do - the source is heavily commented for this end.

If you look in the plyoung\DiaQ folder you will see a diaqsample.unitypackage. Extract it and learn from the included sample scene and script to get an idea of how to get started.

You should also be able to use it with plyBlox visual scripting. See link given by William to see what should be included there. From tne DiaQ folder you only want the Blox related stuff so remove anything which seems to be plyRPG integration.

(Thomas Morris) #6

its ok, finally got plygame(complete) more or lss talking to my controller. can trigger off dialogue and quest as described in the getting started with DiaQ tuts. Used the integration code for player controller and camera. quick question however. my player controller is a childof a child of a gameobject, i know if i place the integration code on my controller proper it allows me to interact but i cant get it to disable player during interaction. i suspect its a heirachy issue. and the integration code doesnt le me interact when i place it at the top parent game object.
plaese help :slight_smile:

(Leslie Young) #7

If it is a plyRPG player controller then the Disable Control Block should disabled control.

Custom controllers should be modified as explained here
You will also want to have a look at the source for plyRPG to learn what other virtual functions there are and to see how plyRPG controllers act in plyGame.

You will note the En/Disable Control block is making a call to a virtual function EnableControl(bool en) which your controller can override to be notified about when the character should be enabled/disabled. But since that function already set a flag, controlEnabled you can simply honour that flag in the Update event of your controller - if you derived your controller from the PlayerBaseController.